Welcome to the Network One agency exchange blog, written by Fin O'Callaghan & Miikka Mannio. As part of a one month work exchange program a member of staff from each agency – Thinkhouse, Dublin and Superson, Helsinki – traveled over 2,000 kms to experience agency life from a new perspective.
On a mission to garner new insights and bring fresh ideas, both Fin & Miikka write about their individual experiences. We hope you enjoy!

Hey Fin, greetings from Dublin!

Your hometown seems amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Irish business world sees marketing. To me it is really interesting. How have you been?

What really strikes a chord to me is that all the biggest companies of the world have their HQ’s stationed here. That is naturally due to the fact that they don’t pay taxes here to the government (something between 2,2%-4,5%). A rescue mission from the government surviving from the financial crisis of 2008. Which offers great business opportunities for an agency.

Naturally, they offer a huge amount of work to people around the world and Dublin seems to be a melting pot of different cultures and people, which feels highly welcoming. Huge amount of the work seems to be luring in younger generations to these tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. Seems cool.

But on an individual level, the effects are not that all shiny and full of glitter. Because of the loads of people these companies bring in to the country and the aftermath of the housing bubble there aren't homes for people. Like WTF!?! It’s really sad to see young people on the street asking for money or a place to stay.

I find myself thinking a lot of the fact that would, should and could these big corporations care about this fact? There is a huge opportunity to be taken, by leading the charge in change that would make them even bigger than governments. Just a thought from a Finn to Fin after a week in Dublin.