Welcome to the Network One agency exchange blog, written by Fin O'Callaghan & Miikka Mannio. As part of a one month work exchange program a member of staff from each agency – Thinkhouse, Dublin and Superson, Helsinki – traveled over 2,000kms to experience agency life from a new perspective.
On a mission to garner new insights and bring fresh ideas, both Fin & Miikka write about their individual experiences. We hope you enjoy!

Hey Miikka!
Good to hear from you!

One week down since us two new Fin(n)s arrived in town.
As far as week’s go in my life I feel I’ll struggle to recall one as stimulating as the one just passed. From the things you take for granted like new surroundings, new people and new sounds to the more profound things that cause you to reflect and ponder - it’s certainly been an adventure so far.

As much as I love to write, I do find myself conflicted as to whether I stay true to the task at hand, focusing solely on documenting the endless amount of business’ insight that I’ve already learned, but doing so without mentioning the amazing personal experiences I’ve had so far would seem disingenuous. And besides, you know what they say about all work and no play.

Perhaps it’s the sun-tinted glasses that I’ve been fortunate enough to wear since my arrival but the city of Helsinki and those who inhabit it have an undeniable charm that is worryingly infectious. If the €4.50 americano to-go is the only trade-off for the elevated standard of living here then it’s one you would strongly consider making. The almost cliché efficiency combined with the at times, understated friendliness, make this a very easy city to become accustomed to.

But I digress…

It’s starling how two companies that share so much in their DNA and perspective can be so intrinsically similar whilst also being worlds apart in other aspects. Here’s a few points to show exactly what I mean:


A dedication to doing great work
A welcoming & wonderful staff
Valuing Culture with the company
The ambition the standout and make an impact through the work
Nespresso coffee & a lot of it, lol.

The overall structure*
The approach to the work
The concept of ‘the office’

*I have written at length about this – approximately 2,000 words - but would like to share that upon reflection of this experience as a whole in a longer format.

Have a great week there and let's be in touch soon!