we’re half way through so here’s some thoughts I have to share with you..

The topic of this week’s thoughts? Ways of working. That’s right, all those delicious, juicy, work-related insights that exemplify what makes our respective companies the wondrous marketing machines that they are.

It’s important the preface the below by saying that it would be extremely naïve of me to think I have come to comprehend the intricacies of Superson having been here for a mere two weeks, especially whilst attempting to overcome a language barrier. With this in mind, here are my thoughts:

First things first, the inescapable divide between our two models – We both have specialists, ours are in-house and yours are outsourced. As is to be expected from two creative, independent agencies there is an abundance of similarities between us as ultimately we share the same goal, however the difference in models makes the path to this common goal vastly different.

At Thinkhouse we rely on the brilliance of each and every team within the company to inspire, support and elevate the work of those around them. This reliance is the bi-product of a shared commonality and sense of duty that comes with the energetic, youth-centric, orange glow that Thinkers are known for. Everyone I have ever been sad enough to see leave Thinkhouse has shared the same departing words with touching sincerity – “Remember, it’s the people that make this place”. It’s this sentiment that gives the work produced at Thinkhouse it’s unique stamp. The level of trust between employer and employee that fulfilling the brief at hand is simply not enough. That every time, each team involved is expected to leave a mark of Thinkhouse brilliance on any work that leaves the building. This may make our home on Fumbally Lane somewhat weird & wonderful at times, but then who could argue that creativity in its purest form isn't born out of the weird & wonderful? I think one thing I have come to realise over the two weeks is the importance of finding the sweet spot between regimented structure and free-flowing creativity and that neither is to be valued above the other as an abundance of one can hinder the other.

Meanwhile in Helsinki, what Superson may lack in collaborative chaos it makes up for in unrelenting, streamlined efficiency. The lean physique of Superson is comparable to that of an Olympic level sprinter or any other high performance athlete for that matter. Optimised for ruthless efficiency and speed, trimming any unnecessary fat that may slow it down in its pursuit for excellence and progression. The is perhaps just a more metaphorical way of describing exactly what the outsourced freelance model represents. Building teams based on the exact needs of each client and the briefs they put forth, Superson positions itself as an agile agency that can answer any call, big or small, devoid of its own ego or requirements that may hinder or delay it’s outputs. This obsession with providing exactly what the client needs is bolstered by all account directors having previously worked on the brand side of the fence, therefore having an empathetic understanding of the challenges that their colleagues turned clients face in their day-to-day roles. It imperative to mention that the above ways of working that Superson implement are made possible through an exceptional use of technology, relying on finely tuned software systems to track, measure and account for every facet of the business. These systems ensure that nothing slips through the cracks whilst dealing with so many moving parts, which in turn reduces the importance of a fixed office space and places value solely on the work itself.

Above all, these company nuances are underpinned by an insatiable desire to do the absolute best work possible for our clients and ensure that our endeavours leave a lasting and positive effect on the brand’s we represent.

So hopefully I haven’t lost you in my ramblings, my tendency to go off on a tangent is becoming increasingly clear when given full-poetic license. Nonetheless I hope you found this useful or at the very least, intriguing and I shall be back at it again next week to illuminate more unknowns in the world of the Network One work exchange.

Until then, peace & love,