Hey Fin, greetings from Dublin - episode II

Your hometown seems amazing. I’m really looking forward to see how the Irish business world sees marketing. To me it is really interesting.
How have you been?

Lovely to hear about your culture comparison! I totally agree that there can be found much similarities spiced up with some little cultural seasoning from our nationalities that creates a unique taste to both of our agencies culture. What I’ve been really intrigued this last weeks is the fact that differentiates us the most - positioning. As you might guess, that is also today's posts topic.

My football coach used to say that only dumb players run hard on the pitch and tire themselves out before the final whistle. Wise players position themselves correctly all the time and win the game in the end. A lesson that I think applies here as well. 

One word that Thinkhouse unquestionably owns in this market is youth. With the research & strategy department called The Youth Lab, the agency clearly positions itself as experts in marketing targeted to the younger generations. Genius. I can easily picture the client picking up the phone, pressing speed dial number one,  and calling you guys whenever there is a marketing challenge that involves interacting with the youth.

It is not only just that you communicate it clearly to the world, but you guys do it in a way that can be sensed all-day-every-day at the office. The approach to whatever challenge clearly starts from the point that what would the youth want to be a part of, instead of what the client wants to shout to them. To me, that’s exactly the way to do it to be relevant to the future generations. You protect the youth from bad marketing - love it.

As in for Superson, we are the weird kid on the block. Seven years ago the founders dropped a bomb to the marketing world that introduced a whole new way of doing work. Having had the privilege to be onboard on that ride for five and a half years, our Superson way still raises a whole lot of questions. But that is exactly what we want. Because it stops the potential client to think (hopefully he/she is a thinker, we love ‘em), and hopefully leads to question that we are after - what would Superson do?

Sadly, thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats: they can do it but they prefer not to (thank you for the lovely quote Nobel Prize winning economist Mr.Kahneman). That being said, I feel we sometimes struggle with the fact that the marketing world is clinging to the old ways of working. Which is ridiculous. Wasn’t the marketing people supposed to be the ones who are innovative and ready to do things in a more clever way? 

But I guess changing the world isn’t supposed to be easy.


- The Crazy Finn from Dublin