10. February, 2020

Superson Collaborates with Google to Help Singles in Indonesia on Valentine’s Day

#YukMoveOn (Let’s Move On) shows how Google apps can help all Indonesians, also the singles, those in ‘almost-but-not-quite’ relationships, and the ones in the friend-zone this Valentine’s Day.

We are happy to share our latest collaboration with Google Indonesia with a campaign that offers a fresh perspective to Valentine’s Day by showing support to those less lucky in love.

Titled ‘Yuk Move On’ (‘Let’s Move On’), the campaign celebrates those who are single,  in ‘almost-but-not-quite’ relationships or in the ‘friend-zone’. The inclusive Valentine’s Day campaign serves as a reminder about the importance of self-love and celebrating life, showcasing how you can move on in life, with a little help from Google.

Nine Google apps are promoted in the tongue-in-cheek campaign for their ability to aid in the process of moving on from a past relationship. For example, Google Photos’ facial recognition helps you identify the face of your ex-partners so you can put them where they belong: the past. 

To launch the campaign, we distributed a “Moving On Kit” to Indonesia’s top single influencers and YouTubers, encouraging them to try Google apps and share their moving on stories, showing support to other lonely hearts.

At the heart of the campaign is an online film starring Vanesha Prescilla, an acclaimed actress known for her lead roles in Indonesian Gen Z heart-break dramas. The campaign film showcases how Google apps can help you move on, featuring a hit song from Indonesian indie band and YouTube content creator, ‘Reality Club’.

Key media and influencers were invited to attend the event that announced the launch of the #YukMoveOn (‘Let’s Move On’) initiative. The event saw key media editors unleashing their creativity with a ‘paint your move-on mantra’ session, followed by a group therapy session led by famed radio and podcast hosts and a mindfulness coach. Participants of the group therapy were selected based on story submission contests held on social media. Attendees had the chance to share and receive moving on advice from experts. 

Commenting on the campaign our Antti Toivonen said “This is a highly collaborative effort with Google and Superson’s teams. The idea came from Google and we built an agile creative team to help Googlers to workshop the campaign over the past months. Our team saw people from Indonesian love novelists and musicians, to filmmakers and packaging specialists, working alongside Google’s internal experts from analytics to communications.”

Google’s Brand and Creative Lead for Southeast Asia, Mira Sumanti said, “At Google, we want to organize the world’s information to make it universally accessible and useful. Valentine’s day is no exception. With this campaign, we are trying to bring a fresh perspective to other groups during this ‘love month’ and tried to give ideas for one of the frequently searched keywords on Google in Indonesia: “cara move on” (how to move on). The need to move on transcends beyond age, gender, and boundaries. It is something that is universally relevant to everyone.

“It started with a simple ‘what-if’ conversation among Googlers and became a real-life, nationwide campaign. We would like to thank all the partners, agencies and influencers who believed in this idea, supported us, and made it happen." 

The online film was directed by Anatman Pictures director Mahatma Putra. Other partners include Lion & Lion, Bumble Bee Studios, Image Dynamics and Toaster.

Watch campaign film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1ASHy6bHGY

30. January, 2020

Marketing in Asia: Superson Singapore’s Antti Toivonen Lands Sundance Film Festival For The Second Time

Superson Singapore's Antti Toivonen believes that advertising creatives should flex their muscle in the world outside advertising too as branded content competes for attention with the best TV shows and movies out there. Being featured twice alongside the world's most interesting storytellers at the Sundance Film Festival is a testament to the work he and his team have put into honing their craft. Sundance 2020 saw a record year of over 10 000 short film submissions with just 74 making the cut to their official program.

Read the article: https://marketinginasia.com/2020/01/25/superson-singapores-antti-toivonen-lands-sundance-film-festival-for-the-second-time/

20. December, 2019

Agency disruptor Superson strengthens APAC leadership team to cater for CMOs of the future

Singapore, 17 December 2019 — Specialist agency Superson announced the appointment of Anne Karumo and Shi Ho as Client Partners for the Asia Pacific region, based in Singapore. In Superson’s specialist model, client partners are former senior marketers, with experience working side-by-side with CMOs and CEOs, helping innovative companies achieve their business results with the help of future-focused independent talent.

Anne Karumo is responsible for building out Superson’s fintech and sustainability expertise. Prior to joining Superson, Anne was Senior Director for Marketing at Visa, in charge of partnerships in Asia Pacific. She brings deep experience working with fintech companies both on client and agency side, including Bloomberg, Wall Street Systems, Cognito and OANDA, across various markets in APAC, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Shi Ho is responsible for building Superson’s disruptive technology, consumer products and entertainment arms. She was the APAC Head of Marketing at BBC Studios, looking after 11 markets and over 50 clients. She has led teams in creative agencies including BBDO and R/GA, and worked with companies including P&G, Unilever and Visa. She was with Nokia prior, in entertainment and music marketing roles in Singapore, Helsinki and London.

“We see ourselves as the architects of creative collaboration, working with disruptive companies building services that stretch the boundaries of digital and physical,” says Anne Karumo. “With the help of technology, societies can develop solutions like carbon and plastic off-setting, sustainable investing, financial inclusion, and digital farming to solve major environmental and social challenges. This requires the expertise that can’t be found in most traditional agencies. Our network of independent specialists work side by side with the innovators to create an impact for a sustainable future.”

Since its launch in Singapore in May 2019, Superson has proven that Asian market is quick to embrace and adopt new ways of creative collaboration. Its clients include Wärtsilä, focusing on the IntelliTug project and smart marine technology, Google and Unilever CLEAR Haircare.

Shi Ho said, “Clients come to us because they know we won’t feed them yet another agency solution. We can’t. There are so many dynamics at play. Firstly, marketing teams need to rapidly adapt to customer dynamics and technologies that are constantly evolving, while trying to build brand experiences that last. Secondly, as ex-marketeers we recognize the realities of doing business in this current age - budgets are shrinking and sales targets are climbing. Thirdly, there is a growing need for skill sets that everyone is still trying to figure out - data, analysis, its application, and how to crack programmatic and AI for more growth. Superson’s specialist model means when we curate a team, top creative and tech talent are in the room with our clients to tackle a business problem with an audience-first approach.”

Antti Toivonen, Managing Partner of Superson Singapore, said “We are thrilled to add such heavy-hitting marketers, both Anne and Shi, in our global client partner team. Senior client experience is what makes Superson different. Together with our specialist model we are nimble and can respond to unique challenges CMOs face today, way beyond the usual agency toolkit. Superson was born from questioning the relevance of conventional agency practices and this approach has proven to give marketers the results they need, both in the Nordics and now also in APAC. We are already working across several markets in the region and are looking to expand further.”

Also seen on:

Mumbrella Asiahttps://www.mumbrella.asia/2019/12/superson-singapore-appoints-former-visa-and-bbc-marketers-as-client-partners
Branding in Asiahttps://brandinginasia.com/superson-appoints-anne-karumo-and-shi-ho-as-client-partners-for-the-asia-pacific/

28. October, 2019

Graafisen suunnittelun harjoittelija

Graafikko-harjoittelijana pääset työskentelemään monipuolisesti graafisen suunnittelun eri osa-alueilla digistä printtiin ja liikkuvaan kuvaan. Saat mahdollisuuden tuoda esille omaa visuaalista näkemystäsi oikeiden projektien parissa. Samalla saat kattavan kuvan visuaalisen viestinnän kentästä sekä omasta paikastasi siinä. Luot myös vakuuttavan työportfolion.

Harjoittelupaikka sopii sinulle, joka opiskelet luovaa suunnittelua joko graafisella tai web-painotuksella ja olet siten tottunut käyttämään taitto- ja grafiikkaohjelmia kuten InDesignia, Photoshopia ja Illustratoria. Persoonana olet avoin, joustava ja opit nopeasti uutta. Osaat visualisoida ideoita, toteuttaa konsepteja ja työskennellä itsenäisesti ja nopeatempoisesti. Lisäksi sinulla on hyvät kommunikaatiotaidot.

Työtehtävät visuaalisessa tiimissä: 

  • luova suunnittelu, kuten mainoskampanjat ja brändi-ilmeet
  • graafinen toteutus, kuten mockupit, valmiit materiaalit ja presentaatiot
  • töiden esittely

Hakuprosessin ensimmäisessä vaiheessa pyydämme lähettämään meille CV:n sekä vapaamuotoisen hakemuksen. Kerro hakemuksessa, miksi sinä olisit hyvä valinta Supertrainee-ohjelmaan graafisen suunnittelun harjoittelijaksi.

Kutsumme lupaavimmat hakijat haastatteluun. Haastattelujen perusteella valitsemme yhden graafikko-harjoittelijan Supertrainee-ohjelmaan.


  • 29.11. klo 12 mennessä: CV ja hakemus sähköpostilla Pirjolle (pirjo.airaksinen@superson.co), otsikoksi “Graafisen suunnittelun harjoittelija 2020”
  • 3.–12.12.: Ensimmäisen vaiheen valinnat ja haastattelut
  • 13.12.: Graafikko-harjoittelijan valinta
  • 7.1.2020: Supertrainee-jakso alkaa ja päättyy 30.6.2020


Pirjo Airaksinen, Head of Culture: 040 030 3043

28. October, 2019

Myynnin harjoittelija

Myynnin harjoittelu Supersonilla on hyvä paikka kasvaa myynnin ammattilaiseksi. Harjoittelu on vuosien varrella poikinut hienoja projekteja, ja siitä on jopa ponnistettu vetämään omia asiakkuuksia Supersonilla. Tämä kaikki on harjoittelijan omissa käsissä. 

Tärkeintä on, että tiedät haluavasi työskennellä myynnin parissa ja olet nälkäinen. Kokemusta B2B-myynnistä arvostetaan, mutta se ei ole välttämättömyys, sillä asenne ratkaisee. Tehtävä vaatii luonnetta ja periksiantamattomuutta. 

Takaamme, että näillä ominaisuuksilla saat harjoittelustasi irti niin paljon kuin haluat. Saat paljon tietoa eri yrityksistä ja pääset tapaamaan niiden päättäjiä. Opit kiteyttämistä ja presentoimista. Lisäksi saat olla mukana tarjousvaiheen suunnittelutiimeissä luomassa projekteille suuntaa.

Työtehtävät ovat muun muassa näitä:

  • uusasiakashankinta, kuten prospektointi ja kontaktointi
  • asiakastapaamiset ja niihin liittyvä valmistelu kuten presentaatiot ja tarjoukset
  • tarjousvaiheen luova työskentely, kuten kampanjoiden konseptisuunnittelu

Hakuprosessin ensimmäisessä vaiheessa pyydämme lähettämään meille CV:n ja vapaamuotoisen hakemuksen. Kerro hakemuksessa, miksi sinä olisit hyvä valinta Supertrainee-ohjelmaan myynnin harjoittelijaksi.

Hakuprosessi jatkuu bootcamp-päivällä, jonne kutsumme 10 lupaavinta hakijaa. Bootcampilla hakijat pääsevät ammattilaisten johdolla pureutumaan markkinointiviestinnän työhön sekä esitysten että ryhmätehtävien kautta. Päivä tarjoaa inspiraatiota, oppia ja palautetta. Sen päätteeksi sinulla on varmasti selkeämpi kuva markkinointiviestinnän kentästä ja Supersonin paikasta siinä.

Bootcampilta valitsemme yhden myynnin harjoittelijan Supertrainee-ohjelmaan.


  • 15.11. klo 12 mennessä: CV ja hakemus sähköpostilla Pirjolle (pirjo.airaksinen@superson.co), otsikoksi “Myynnin harjoittelija 2020”
  • 19.11.: Ensimmäisen vaiheen valinta
  • 25.11.: klo 12–16: Bootcamp-päivä
  • 28.11.: Myynnin harjoittelijan valinta
  • 7.1.2020: Supertrainee-jakso alkaa ja päättyy 30.6.2020


Tuomas Karvonen, Business Development Manager: 050 327 2119
Lauri Sankila, Client Manager: 040 518 6491

28. October, 2019

Markkinointiviestinnän harjoittelija

Markkinointiviestinnän harjoittelijana pääset osallistumaan markkinointiviestinnän tekemiseen sen kaikissa muodoissa. Saat kokeilla siipiäsi asiakasprojekteissa osana ammattilaistiimejä, oli tehtävänä mitä tahansa strategisten linjojen vetämisestä projektin viimeisen yksityiskohdan tuottamiseen. Monipuolinen ja nopeatempoinen työ voi olla vaativaa, mutta myös antoisaa. Takaamme, että reippaalla asenteella saat harjoittelustasi irti niin paljon kuin haluat.

Markkinointiviestinnän harjoittelijan työnkuva on monipuolinen, ja siihen voi itse vaikuttaa. Jos sinulla on jo valmiiksi supervoimia jollain osa-alueella, kerro niistä meille, niin pääset varmasti vapauttamaan ne harjoittelujaksollasi. Toisaalta jos olet kiinnostunut jostain, mitä et vielä täysin hallitse, kerro rohkeasti sekin. Tuemme mielellämme uusien supervoimien kehittämisessä!

Työtehtäviin asiakkuustiimeissä kuuluu muun muassa:

  • analytiikka, kuten liiketoimintaympäristö- ja kilpailija-analyysien laatiminen 
  • luova työskentely, kuten mainoskampanjan tai sisällöntuotannon konseptisuunnittelu
  • viestintä, kuten tiedotteiden kirjoittaminen, mediaseuranta ja muu sisällöntuotanto
  • tapahtuma-, valokuva- ja videotuotannot

Hakuprosessin ensimmäisessä vaiheessa pyydämme lähettämään meille CV:n ja vapaamuotoisen hakemuksen. Kerro hakemuksessa, miksi sinä olisit hyvä valinta Supertrainee-ohjelmaan markkinointiviestinnän harjoittelijaksi. Mainitse myös, minkä parissa erityisesti haluaisit harjoittelujaksollasi työskennellä ja miksi.

Hakuprosessi jatkuu bootcamp-päivällä, jonne kutsumme 10 lupaavinta hakijaa. Bootcampilla hakijat pääsevät ammattilaisten johdolla pureutumaan markkinointiviestinnän työhön sekä esitysten että ryhmätehtävien kautta. Päivä tarjoaa inspiraatiota, oppia ja palautetta. Sen päätteeksi sinulla on varmasti selkeämpi kuva markkinointiviestinnän kentästä ja Supersonin paikasta siinä.

Bootcampilta valitsemme kaksi markkinointiviestinnän harjoittelijaa Supertrainee-ohjelmaan.


  • 15.11. klo 12 mennessä: CV ja hakemus sähköpostilla Pirjolle (pirjo.airaksinen@superson.co), otsikoksi “Markkinointiviestinnän harjoittelija 2020”
  • 19.11.: Ensimmäisen vaiheen valinta
  • 25.11. klo 12–16: Bootcamp-päivä
  • 28.11.: Markkinointiviestinnän harjoittelijoiden valinta
  • 7.1.2020: Supertrainee-jakso alkaa ja päättyy 30.6.2020


Pirjo Airaksinen, Head of Culture: 040 030 3043

28. October, 2019

Tapio Lehtinen – Around the World in 322 days

Throughout history seamen sailing across the oceans have been the symbol of courage. “To be honest, I consider myself a little bit of a sissy”, says Tapio Lehtinen, who was the first Finn to finish the Golden Globe Race. Lehtinen circled around the globe without stops and spent 322 days alone on his sailing boat . “I strongly believe that if you’re going to do something dangerous – which this race definitely was – you have to be a bit tentative.  I try to avoid situations that might lead to danger. Dangerous sails are all about excellent preparation and anticipation that help avoiding bigger risks”, Lehtinen describes. “In my opinion sisu is a better concept than courage. Especially in sailing, courage includes a certain tone of recklessness which does not work in this sport.”

Big thoughts and birds
All scales are different for a person who has sailed around the world compared to us landlubbers. The longest time that Lehtinen spent without seeing a single sign of mankind was two months. The only thing that reminded him of still existing in this century was the trail of a jet flight spreading across the sky. “But I didn’t see the plane.” The most important company he had were albatrosses, that have existed millions of years on planet Earth. But Lehtinen did not feel lonely. “Many wondered how I held up. In that sense I am very Finnish. I truly and honestly enjoyed the solitude and silence.”

Despite heavy storms and technical difficulties, the 10 months Lehtinen spent on the sea went by in tranquillity together with his thoughts. Same straightforward routines gave form to days, weeks and months. Sailing, reading and listening to music on C-cassettes filled his days. “It was pure luxury that I really had time to think. Although I slept for a couple of hours 3–4 times a day, I had a lot of dreams, and after waking up also time to reflect on them. Pure solitude and silence can be recommended for everyone.”

Endless moments inside his head made Lehtinen reflect on others’ and his own life. “I could say I had an almost religious awakening during the journey. I strongly believe that in the future we have to get rid of the constant need for gathering more materia and remember that the Earth has to be passed on to the coming generations as well. It requires true courage from all of us to act accordingly. I’m not saying that the year on sea made me a better person, but at least I enjoyed it.”

28. October, 2019

Martin Roll – 5 advice to courage

Danish Martin Roll, Senior Advisor for Superson, can be called the guru of global strategy, marketing and branding. Roll has done a breathtakingly long career in marketing and he sees courage as a natural part of successful business. “If you want to succeed in business, you have to be courageous.”

Roll has lived in Singapore for over two decades and he is specialized in the Asian market, and serves clients in over 30 countries globally. Moving to Asia was personally one of the most courageous acts in his life. “All young economists in the early 21st century left to the West, London or New York. I went Wast, to Asia. It was a courageous decision to make but I can now state that it was worth it.”

Roll, who works as a strategic advisor, mentor and transformation consultant for several global Fortune 100 companies and family businesses, summoned five key advice on how courage can be sustained in companies’ actions and spirit.

  1. Hold on to long-term goals
    Good things happen to those who have the patience to wait. Build a clear direction and purpose and find out where you want to go. The core in business is finding a purpose and focusing on that. To achieve the long-term goals the purpose has to be in the core of the strategy and recent research shows that it drives business impact. It requires great courage to have patience to wait for the goals to happen.

  2. Be courageous, bold and distinct
    How do you define you and your company? A strong, clear and distinct strategy is the foundation of everything. It requires courage to define the core of the business and to swipe away everything useless and unnecessary from around it. Dare to focus only on the core of the strategy.

  3. Step out of your comfort zone
    Courageous people and companies dare to come out of their comfort zone. That is never easy. Others will always have opinions about how you or your company should be and what things to strive for. Instead, courageous people don’t mind the views of others. People typically want to hold on to the old, safe and familiar. But only when you really jump out of your comfort zone changes start to happen and you might even find in yourself strength and knowledge you didn’t know about.

  4. Embrace uncertainty
    Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, has said that only when sleeping people don’t make mistakes. The nature of business is not static and the constant change and mistakes are part of it. You have to accept not knowing what tomorrow will bring and be able to enjoy the uncertainty. Anticipation helps to stand the uncertainty. 

  5. Be patient
    The Danish company LEGO is at the moment the world’s most valuable toy company and their patience has been tested during the last decades. In the 1990s bankruptcy was just around the corner and an offer of 150 million dollars was made for the company. The company decided to clearly focus on LEGO bricks (the core) and leave the competition of digital games and toys for others. Persistent and patient work were rewarded. Today the value of LEGO Group is almost 40 billion dollars.

Download Martin Roll's presentation:
"Martin Roll – A global perspective on courage"

28. October, 2019

The Symposion of big questions

Platon defined the Symposion to be a discussion forum, where free men gathered together in the evenings to dine, wine and hold speeches on philosophical topics. Great thoughts and important epiphanies were indeed heard last week at the sixth annual Superson Symposion. Approximately 60 clients and partners got together to enjoy an exclusive occasion at Hotel Kämp, where the theme for the speeches was Courage.

In Superson’s CEO’s words,  the aim of the annual event is to rise a little bit above and beyond our daily lives. To hear and discuss topics that are bigger than our daily work questions. Their own stories about courage in life and business were told by Superson’s Senior Advisor Martin Roll, CEO and President of Sanoma Susan Duinhoven and the solo sailor who sailed around the world Tapio Lehtinen

Courage can be seen and felt concrete in Superson’s everyday operations. “The most courageous step for us this year was definitely opening up our office in Singapore. One of the most competitive societies in the world puts newcomers under pressure, but Superson Singapore’s activities has started off great.” Samppa Vilkuna tells. Expanding globally is one of the steps in Superson’s future. And the next steps are already traced out: “Our aim is to be the best marketing and communications agency operating on a specialist model in the world.” Vilkuna assures. 

In addition to international news, Superson’s organizational reformation has brought plenty of action to the autumn. “We want to provide even better and further tailored services to our clients. We’ve helped  our employees to set their personal purposes. Based on these purposes, the Client Partners were allocated different expertise industries, and can provide the best possible support to their clients.”

We now continue with an overview of Superson Symposion’s interesting keynote speeches about courage. More information about the speakers' background can be found on the official Symposion website.

9. October, 2019

Superson Symposion Awards 2019

An annual highlight of our year is the Superson Symposion, where we get to celebrate the past year with our clients. The theme for this year’s Symposion was Courage – so this year we wanted to award some of the most courageous clients and cases!

The following cases were awarded: 

Brand Experience & Activation
Altia / Joonas Santala (received by Tapio Lehtinen)
Read more about the case here: https://superson.co/project/matkaaja
Creative Strategy
Taaleri / Kati Lehesmaa
Employee Branding
Barona ”Työelämän Traineri” / Jaana Kaarela, Sandra Lamppu, Laura Heikkinen, Salla Leppänen, Katriina Sahlman (received by Marja Isokangas-Huiko)
Consumer Campaign
Matkahuolto ”Moikkaa mummoa” / Petra Rusi, Raija-Leena Söderholm, Heidi Nurminen
Health & Wellbeing
Merck ”Minulta Sinulle” / Sanna Parpala, Johanna Bexar-Hannula, Visa Manni
PR Campaign
Burger King “Silent Drive-Thru” / Toni Flyckt (received by Tuomas Karvonen)
Read more about the case here: https://superson.co/project/burgerking
See the full case video on Adweek: 

A warm Thank You for your courageous co-operation!

We’ll open up the cases on our site within the near future, so stay tuned!

Photos by Niki Soukkio