Trump-Putin summit was going to be held in Helsinki in July 2018. We wanted to react to the major event together with Kämp. 

Our goal was to arouse international interest in Helsinki hotels and strengthen Kämp Collection’s vision ”Reason to come to Helsinki”


The world's most peaceful banner - Keep Peace [/ Ki: p / / Pi:s/]

We evoked the legend behind the Finnish word for cheers, ’Kippis’, and used the hotel’s own facade and medias during the Trump - Putin summit without taking a political stance.

We also informed the international press with accompanying photos.


Kämp Collection Hotels (previously Kämp Group) is a Finnish hospitality group which consists of Finland’s most reputable hotels, restaurants and luxury spas. Kämp Collection Hotels employs over 600 hospitality professionals and its turnover in 2017 was 76 million euros. 

keep peace wide


The advertisements activated tourists and citizens alike on social media and received praise for its cleverness.

Total media reach for the campaign was 380 million.

keep peace square 1
keep peace square 2

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