Speedo for good


To boost retail traffic and visibility of the brand just before the peak season.


Finns love to swim. However, many children in lower SES families do not have access to new swimwear and learning to swim can depend on replacing the old trunks the kid has outgrown.

As the market leader, Speedo wants to make swimming accessible to all.

We put together a squad of sporty celebs and gave them an Olympic swimming coach. The squad members challenged themselves and their social media followers to learn something new about swimming with customised training programs. As Speedo gained traction on social, they donated swim gear and vouchers to families together with Hope association.


Originally from Australia, Speedo is a manufacturer of swimwear ranging from swimsuits and goggles to wristwatches.

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With tons of PR and social media visibility Speedo got a kick-start to their peak season sales. Retail was excited to distribute the popular content while Hope Association and Speedo saw this project as a start for longer co-operation since swim gear is something families in need repeatedly wish for.

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