Platon defined the Symposion to be a discussion forum, where free men gathered together in the evenings to dine, wine and hold speeches on philosophical topics. Great thoughts and important epiphanies were indeed heard last week at the sixth annual Superson Symposion. Approximately 60 clients and partners got together to enjoy an exclusive occasion at Hotel Kämp, where the theme for the speeches was Courage.

In Superson’s CEO’s words,  the aim of the annual event is to rise a little bit above and beyond our daily lives. To hear and discuss topics that are bigger than our daily work questions. Their own stories about courage in life and business were told by Superson’s Senior Advisor Martin Roll, CEO and President of Sanoma Susan Duinhoven and the solo sailor who sailed around the world Tapio Lehtinen

Courage can be seen and felt concrete in Superson’s everyday operations. “The most courageous step for us this year was definitely opening up our office in Singapore. One of the most competitive societies in the world puts newcomers under pressure, but Superson Singapore’s activities has started off great.” Samppa Vilkuna tells. Expanding globally is one of the steps in Superson’s future. And the next steps are already traced out: “Our aim is to be the best marketing and communications agency operating on a specialist model in the world.” Vilkuna assures. 

In addition to international news, Superson’s organizational reformation has brought plenty of action to the autumn. “We want to provide even better and further tailored services to our clients. We’ve helped  our employees to set their personal purposes. Based on these purposes, the Client Partners were allocated different expertise industries, and can provide the best possible support to their clients.”

We now continue with an overview of Superson Symposion’s interesting keynote speeches about courage. More information about the speakers' background can be found on the official Symposion website.