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Europeanizing the US fishing phenomenon

US-based 13 Fishing had become one of the fastest growing fishing brands in North America, largely due to their edgy yet true identity, passionate product development and a strong brand community. It was time to bring their fishing rebellion to Europe together with Rapala VMC. Our job was to help them adapt their brand core, story and tone-of-voice to fit the European market while staying true to the roots and launch it with a conceptual campaign that crystallises their approach to fishing.

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Getting real and bringing instincts to the core

When creating a huge global launch, agile collaboration is needed. Our solution was Super Beast Sprint, that brought together people from nine countries - Superson’s creative specialists, client’s key marketing folks, retail managers and the early-adaptor hardcore anglers were all part of our creative sprint process. 

During the sprint we co-created the story, tone-of-voice and the film for the brand while planning the launch in detail – including the casting of matching angler-influencers in key countries. Our creative outcome crystallised 13 Fishing’s brand core and the ideology of a rebel angler. We wanted to remind anglers that fishing is not about the fancy new technologies of the gear - it’s about getting out there and challenging yourself. Trusting your instincts. Making your own luck. 

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