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Digita: Antero




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Digita Oy is a wireless communication network operator that manages Finland's terrestrial radio, TV, and mobile TV networks, including transmission stations and masts. The coverage of Digita's terrestrial TV network is 99.9 percent, reaching almost every Finn.

About the project

Increasing awareness of AntenniTV's brand and developing its marketing communications.

Superson dream team

We had a very enthusiastic and experienced specialist team including strategists, AD, creative, copywriter, graphic designer and a project manager. Not to mention our client, who was open to even the craziest ideas we had!


Brand awareness development

Our customer Digita transmits radio and television programmes to everyone in Finland every day of the year. With Digita’s AntenniTV, antenna households can easily order all the best pay TV channels and streaming services for their own television. 

Digita wanted to develop its one year old AntenniTV brand as the brand awareness was still at a very low level. Also, the brand did not resonate well enough with the target audience. The number of subscribers had been decreasing. That’s where we jumped in with both feet!


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Together with Digita, Superson’s dream team left the old brand behind and created the name and visual look for the new brand. Digita dared to take a distinguishable turn for their AntenniTV brand, and that’s how Antero was born. 
The brand renewal project started with an extensive background work. Based on that the slogan, brand story and promise were created. After this, it was time to come up with a name, the logo and the final look. Finally, a carefully planned advertising concept was ready, which was presented on TV, print media, radio and display advertising. 

Antero brings the most popular entertainment to terrestrial TVs: premium sports, movies and hit TV shows. Antero wants things to work out well, and not feel unnecessary complicated. And if there are any problems with the antenna network or signals, Antero is happy to help.


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