Fiskars: Nordic cooking masterclass


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Fiskars: Nordic Cooking Masterclass




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About the client

Fiskars Group is a Finnish, globally operating corporation in the metal, glass, and ceramics industries, with its place of origin is in the city of Raasepori and headquarters located in Keilaniemi, Espoo. The client’s international team fell in love with our proposal and eagerly joined in. 

About the project

Fiskars' first step towards dialing up their Nordic heritage.

Superson dream team

First, we had to find a masterclass-level chef with a strong international experience, including proficiency in German and English. After that, we found a Creative Designer and a Copywriter who were fluent in both German and English, and had prior knowledge of the industry. The team was topped off with a film production company with experience of producing cooking-related content. 


Campaign centered around Nordic Cooking and it's principles

Fiskars, Finland's oldest company founded in 1649, is a global consumer goods seller and manufacturer. Their products range from high-quality kitchen tools to garden and foraging gear. Needless to say it has deep roots in Nordic nature.
The Nordic kitchen is all about fresh and pure ingredients. Berries from the forest, herbs from the garden and fermented vegetables from the cellar. Fiskars wanted an end-of-the-year campaign centered around Nordic Cooking and it's principles.

Together with Fiskars, we created a masterclass where Nordic and German markets get to learn and enjoy authentic Nordic cooking themselves, taught by the Finnish professional chef Sauli Kemppainen



Mastering Nordic cooking

As a spearhead of Nordic Cooking we decided to create a video series of Masterclass in Nordic Cooking together with Michelin star chef Sauli Kemppainen, who is well known in German speaking countries.

In the Masterclass video series Sauli and food influencer Felicitas Then taught beautiful dishes from pure ingredients, and Nordic flavours. The video series was launched alongside an in-store and online campaign encouraging people to try out the high-quality Fiskars Norden product range and cook alongside the pros.


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