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Dimex: Brand Renewal





About the client

Dimex is a Finnish workwear brand established in 1982, which designs, manufactures, and sells workwear for the construction, logistics, industrial, property maintenance, and landscaping sectors. The company's headquarter is in the municipality of Leppävirta in Northern Savonia.

About the project

We helped Dimex boldly revitalize its brand and message, seeking to achieve strong growth.

Superson dream team

Superson's dream team consisted of passionate professionals who were eager to transform Dimex into a world-class workwear brand. The team included a copywriter who has a background as a tailor and an art director who has previous experience in working with fashion brands.

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Rooted in tradition

Dimex is a trusted Finnish workwear manufacturer with roots deeply embedded in the soil of Leppävirta. With a new ownership structure, Dimex aimed to boldly revitalize its brand and message, seeking to achieve strong growth and credibility in the future, both within the metropolitan area and beyond the borders of Finland.

In this project, a balance was sought between a modern and credible approach, while always keeping in mind the loyal users of Dimex ‚Äď the members of the Dimex tribe.

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Crafting a bold brand renewal anchored in Finnish resilience

The project was launched in a workshop in Leppävirta, where the team simultaneously got acquainted with Dimex's roots, got to know the Dimex staff, and familiarized themselves with the company's way of operating. The project encompassed visual identity, tone of voice, messages, slogan, a new visual concept, brand photos and a marketing communication strategy.

The slogan Raised by North Wind encapsulates the toughness and resilience that are the core of the Dimex brand. It aims to motivate and empower individuals to embrace their inner strength and confront any obstacle that comes their way. Simultaneously, the phrase pays homage to the brand's Finnish heritage.

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Rave reviews

With the new brand, only a few initial steps have been taken, but the new Dimex brand has already been received exceptionally well internally.

The collaboration was seamless, problems were swiftly resolved, and the entire team was focused and on point. We're heading towards increasing sales with a super enthusiastic approach!

Petteri Tirkkonen
Marketing & Sales Director Dimex
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