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Google: Search For Change





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Google is an American multinational company, focusing on online advertising and cloud computing among many other things.  In this project we worked with the marketing, social and product teams in Google APAC across 3 markets including Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

About the project

Differentiating Google from the multiple voices and sea of content, and positioning Google as part of the local zeitgeist.

Superson dream team

This was a project that required a regional concept but was executed hyper-locally. True to Superson's Specialist Model™, we curated a creative and influencer management team in Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh city to bring cultural nuances to life and leverage the local network. Our content production partner was also based in both cities to ensure operational efficiencies.


Differentiating campaign

Every year on 8th of March, Google offices around the world celebrate the International Women's Day in their own ways. 2023 was no exception. The challenge was to differentiate Google's campaign from the multiple voices and sea of content, and to not seemingly join the band wagon, but to highlight genuine insights in-market to position Google as part of the local zeitgeist.


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Do more


For International Women's Day in 2023, we didn't just want to celebrate the women in APAC. We wanted to do more. By honing in on deep, local market insights through multiple client - specialist - Superson workshops across markets, we uncover how women are held back by the stereotypes they let into their lives, and how with a little help with Google Search, break through these stereotypes so that they fully bloom and become stronger and embrace who they are and can be. 
The eventual creative concepts were fronted by KOLs specifically selected for their stories of breakthrough and strength in the form of short form social content. Amplification was further fueled by micro influencers in each market who created similar #searchforchange social content to showcase how Google Search was part of their breakthrough journey to discovery and self actualization. 


Going viral

#SearchForChange took many shapes and forms in uniting women across Indonesia and Vietnam. Our 6 key videos supported by a social activation accumulated more than 130 million total views (and counting) on Tik Tok and Instagram since it launched on March 8, 2023.


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