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Greenpeace: Nordic Fundraising Campaign




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Greenpeace is a worldwide activist network that operates independently and aims to safeguard the Earth's capacity to support diverse life forms. Its advocacy efforts are directed towards global concerns like climate change, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling, genetic engineering, and opposition to nuclear energy. This network consists of 26 separate national or regional organizations, spread across more than 55 countries.

About the project

Planning and executing a digital fundraising campaign locally in all the Nordic countries.

Superson dream team

The team was assembled from top experts in the Nordic countries, for example a Danish Copywriter and a Finnish Art Director, both with extensive experience and award-winning campaigns executed for non-profit organizations in Finland and in the Nordic countries. Project management was based in Finland and the client was located in Denmark.



Campaigning for a greener future

Greenpeace was looking for an agency that could execute a fundraising campaign that would operate throughout the Nordic countries. The goal was to expand the donor base and increase donation amounts.

Superson accepted the challenge and found a Nordic dream team for Greenpeace, which began planning an attention-grabbing campaign on social media.



Dad, what is snow?

The idea behind the campaign was based on an insight about conversations happening in the future. If we don't change our actions today, future generations may not know what snow actually means or they might talk about elephants as historical creatures. 

The Quote from the Future concept addressed the issue with a humorous approach, a less commonly seen approach in the world of fundraising. The goal was to create a campaign that doesn't guilt-trip but encourages thoughtfulness. The campaign was localized with the help of local Copywriters and extended beyond social media.

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