Jaloviina: Tähdetön


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Jaloviina Tähdetön




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About the client

Jaloviina (affectionately called Jallu) is a historical Finnish strong alcoholic beverage made by blending grain spirit and cognac. Approximately half a million bottles of it are sold each year. 

About the project

We wanted to tell the story of the limited edition of Jaloviina Tähdetön in a distinctive way that would set it apart from competitors, and so that it would strongly incorporate Finnish history into it.

Superson dream team

The Creative Designer was profoundly immersed in Finnish history and was able to draw inspiration from it for the campaign concept and visual direction. Our team searched for old photos in the archives of the National Board of Antiquities and obtained permission to use the images we wanted. Dream team also included an expert who skillfully brought old photos from the time of scarcity to life by colorizing them.


Respecting the legend

The task was to launch a historical limited edition product to the market. Marketing concept should respect the heritage of Jaloviina brand and the actual product that was in the market after the war years in Finland during 1944 - 1947.


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Blast from the past

To that time period it was typical that the liquor was only sold a limited amount to the people since there a shortage of basically everything.

Just like in the re-launch, since only a limited edition was brought to the market. The practice was that people had cards where the merchants marked the amount of food & beverages sold. We wanted to bring this practice and time period to life with a modern twist.

So the visual materials was based on historical pictures from that time date, except we painted them in full colour. "Jaloviina on taas kortilla" -marketing concept was born.

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Sold out

The Jaloviina Tähdetön limited edition batch was sold out in 4 months after the launch.

The launch generated high interest in media and with the public as Jaloviina Tähdetön was based on historical Jaloviina product from 1940s.