Calling all Freelancers, Independent Consultants, Field Experts, and Specialists!


18 February

We are looking for visionary solopreneur board members to join Superson Singapore’s and Superson Helsinki's boards to develop the company.

Future of work and the passion economy is what drives us; We’ve been building our specialist model for years and it’s pretty awesome – but this work never ends!
Hence we are looking to find a passionate solopreneur for both offices, Singapore and Helsinki, to become the board member who brings both maverick idealism as well as practical views to table. Our board meets 4-6 times a year and we pay a fee for the attendees. As a board member you will be bound by local laws.
Send an open application by 2.3.2022 and tell us why you would be a great specialist to help evolve Superson as a board member!


Samppa Vilkuna, CEO, founder
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