Burger King

How to drive downloads for a new app


Burger King wanted to illustrate the speed and ease of ordering through its new app to boost downloads while increasing visibility.


The stereotype goes that Finns don't do small talk. So why aren’t all services built to match this?  To serve Finns the way they’d prefer (even though they wouldn’t say it), we created something new:

The world’s first “100 % silent Drive-Thru service.

The customer registers into the Restis mobile app, signs in, makes and pays the order on a credit card, decides when it will be ready and picks up the order from the restaurant.

But instead of queuing and waiting at the old-fashioned Drive-Thru lane, the order is delivered, by a silent yet smiling Burger King employer, directly into the customer vehicle that is parked on the specific Silent Drive-Thru area.


Restel Oy is a Finnish restaurant company with about 170 restaurants and employs over 4,000 professionals. Restel operates f.ex BURGER KING® and Taco Bell chains in Finland. 




The Silent Drive-Thru fastens the ordering process on average 7 to 8 minutes.

Several media hits globally from Adweek to local Finnish newspapers.

App downloads: +45% growth.
Sales through the app doubled.
Reach: ~ 411 045 557.
15 -> 5 app ranking increase in food & drink category

+100 %

Sales orders through the app

+45 %

App download growth

411 045 557



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