HOW TO Launch a new brand in five different countries simultaneously?

Case name

twoday: Brand Campaign





About the client

twoday is an international IT consulting firm aiming for the top in their industry. It has offices in five Northern European countries. twoday was established when 22 Visma Custom Solution's business units were spun off from Visma.

About the project

We helped twoday in launching a new Nordic IT brand in a highly competitive and saturated market in five countries simultaneously.

Superson dream team

The concept and campaign planning were led by award-winning experts who had previous experience and understanding of the IT industry and international projects. In addition, there was a local Concept Designer and a Copywriter from each launch country to ensure the campaign's effectiveness in each market. Everything in the project was managed from Finland, without activating offices in each country for different needs.



LaunChing a new brand in a highly competitive industry

twoday's main competitors are well-known IT industry leaders with strong brands. Competition in the market and among competitors is fierce, and points of differentiation are scarce. The company and its brand are unknown in the industry. So, the main objective was to increase general awareness, especially among the primary target audiences: customers and current employees, not to mention potential employees.



We created a centralized, uniform, and distinctive campaign with the help of local and native specialists, in collaboration with Marketing Directors and teams from five different countries.

The campaign's focal point was chosen to be twoday's distinctive new name. The name’s essential message is that we prefer acting t(w)oday and not wait for the future. The name also allows for memorable wordplay in the campaign messages. 

The brand work was extensive as we launched a new identity simultaneously in five different countries through multiple channels. The project involved video production, animations and still shots, OOH advertising, social media, video-on-demand, print media and display advertising.



Bold and distinctive

The branding campaign has just finished its live run, but the acceptance has been excellent, and it has clearly stood out favorably in the market and among other advertisements in the media.

The recently launched campaign reflects twoday very well and conveys its message: bold and distinctive, a high-quality new player in the market with a hint of playfulness.


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