How to engage the gaming community and introduce a new game to esports?


Our Task was to create an exciting invitational eSports tournament for Rovio's new Battle Bay game 

Battle Bay is a fiercely competitive real-time multiplayer game.  The game and it’s fanbase lend themselves well for a true eSports tournament.


We planned and organized an invitational event where a group of top Battle Bay players faced off with the professional eSports team Dignitas. The teams took each other on in a true eSports tournament built in a studio environment.

The exciting tournament action was recorded and turned into an engaging story with teaser videos, tournament recaps, commentary videos, social media posts and performance marketing video ads.


Rovio Entertainment Corporation is a Finnish, games-first entertainment company, that creates, develops and publishes mobile games and acts as a brand licensor in various entertainment and consumer product categories. The Company is best known for the global Angry Birds brand, which started from a popular mobile game in 2009.

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