How to make a product launch the pride of the whole company?


Lindström’s new service line based on IoT solutions needed a name and a story that would be comprehensible to both sellers and customers.


We decided not to talk about technology, as it is not the focus of Lindström’s business. Instead, we wanted to tell what Lindström Flow really represents, what the company’s vision for the future looks like and how customers benefit from all this.

The work was executed as sales materials and an internal video.


Lindström is one of Europe's leading textile service companies with its 170 years in the industry. They offer a wide range of textile services ranging from work wear, protective equipment, restaurant and hotel textiles to industrial mats and towels.

lindstrom case kuva wide


In addition to sales, the video has been diversely used in internal events and recruitment. The FlowAbility story has evoked pride, enthusiasm and the desire to be involved in change amongst the staff:
”This is what 170-year-old Lindström looks like!”

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